COVID-19 Business Support

The onset of Covid-19 has proven extremely difficult for
both employers and employees. Many businesses, big and small, have had to
navigate unchartered territories and make difficult decisions to keep
themselves afloat throughout this pandemic and its many lockdown restrictions
that have been imposed. Many employees have also had to adapt to changing work
conditions to ensure safety and job security. Whilst having tools introduced
such as the vaccine has shown there may be a light at the end of this long
Covid tunnel, varying employment issues have also arisen along with it.

We are here to help you if you need support or information on anything from vaccines in the work place, risk assessments, testing requirements, restructures or redundancies, contractual obligations, work expectations and responsibilities under different alert levels, mandatory vaccinations, employee/employer responsibilities during alert levels, wage subsidy obligations or any other unforeseen situations that may have been bought about by Covid-19. We can help both businesses and employees alike, so contact our office if you have a query.


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