What we do

Whether you are a New Zealand business owner who is seeking advice on employment-related issues, or an employee needing work-related assistance, our team of employment lawyers can assist and advocate for you.


We offer a full range of employment law services to navigate through the various issues and obligations which commonly arise for employers.

We have a particular passion for supporting small to medium businesses, especially those who may not yet have in-house HR personnel or employment-related expertise.


We have acted for a wide range of employees over the years in practice including:

  1. Senior Executives and Managers
  2. Doctors, Specialists and Clinicians
  3. Teachers, at all levels including early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary
  4. Tradespeople and manufacturing-focused employees

We are always on hand to provide advice at short notice, always acting promptly with efficiency and solution-focused resolutions for all clients.

Whether you are an employer or an employee, Rose Alchin & Associates can assist you with a range of employment matters, including:

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