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Minimum Wage Increase

The adult minimum wage in New Zealand increased on 1 April 2023, from $21.20 to $22.70 per hour.Employees affected by this change, should have been made aware prior to the changeover date, in writing by email or letter, advising them of the increase they will be receiving. Bringing in this change, provides a great opportunity for businesses to review all their employee information & staff records, and ensure all their internal processes and systems are current. It is an ideal time to re...

May 24, 2023

Redundancies and Restructures in the Workplace

With uncertain economic times approaching, more and more employers are proposing restructures and redundancies, as a result, it is vital that employers understand the legalities when imposing these changes and employees understand their rights when being subjected to these changes. A redundancy is not to be used as a tool to dismiss an employee. There must be a valid, well-documented, and pressing business reason for the restructure/redundancy. Hard evidence must support these reasons ...

May 24, 2023

90 Day Trial Periods - What you need to know

Employers can use a trial period as a way of testing out new employees to ensure they are suited to the job role they have been hired for.  It gives the employer peace of mind that if they take someone on who turns out to be unfit for the role, they can make an informed decision about whether that person has a future within their business.However, there are a number of guidelines that must be followed to ensure the 90-day trial period is valid and enforceable. Often these are overlooked by ...

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